Saturday, October 25, 2014

Homegrown Brit jihadi dies in Kobani

A good argument for NOT withholding jihadi passports:
A 19-year-old former private school student has become the latest British-born jihadi to die fighting for ISIS in Syria. 

... the fourth fighter from the city of Portsmouth to be killed fighting for the terror group.

His family confirmed his death in a statement that said: "Mehdi was a loving boy with a good heart wishing to help Syrians...."

Hassan was also a prolific tweeter under his pseudonym Abu Dujana. In his last tweet before he died, he wrote:
"Between 20-40 us strikes daily in ayn al arab. Alhamdulillah they are spending $10's of billions...against themselves." 6:41 AM - 17 Oct 2014
Good riddance.

Liberals in denial

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Violent chaos in Ottawa follows Islamist attack in Quebec

Just two days after the deadly Islamist jihadi attack in Quebec comes a deadly attack in Ottawa.  It's yet to be determined who the shooter(s) are.  My bet is, of course, on the Islamists.  Standing by for more news (and more pacifist left/lib and "moderate" Muslim excuse making).

This horrible news is getting wall to wall coverage, even in the USA.

Update - Mark Steyn opines:

Jonathan Kay's dishonesty, the video

Here's the video version of Ezra's Sun column (see post below):

Based on his conflict of interest, Kay should be immediately relieved of his position as Post editorial page editor. Based on his dishonesty and ethical lapse he should be fired from the Post entirely. Will he be?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jonathan Kay is a partisan, hopelessly conflicted Media Liberal Party hack

Ezra Levant provides absolute proof in "The book on Jonathan Kay":
Jonathan Kay, the comment editor of the National Post, took half a page in his newspaper last month to criticize me for criticizing Justin Trudeau.
I had insulted Trudeau, said Kay. So Kay insulted me as “cruel,” “hysterical,” “low,” “vile,” “half-demented” and “mendacious.” And he accompanied his column with a huge, unflattering picture of me. He said I wasn’t really even a journalist.

...  the Toronto Star dropped the bombshell that Kay assisted in the creation of Trudeau’s new book.

... I asked my old frenemy how he could keep his Trudeau work a secret from his readers, while choosing what the newspaper’s comment section would publish about Trudeau. His excuse was laughable ...
Well we always knew he was Media Party hack - now we know he's a paid Liberal Party hack. The only question now is when/if the National Post will fire his unethical ass. 

Here's Kay's excuse making today.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Liberal attack columns TV networks and newspaper chains

Media Party columnists hacks routinely bleat about those mean Harperites and their "attack ads" against boy-Justin.  Which is really rich coming from the set that has entire newspaper chains and TV networks at their disposal to attack Conservatives on a daily basis, all at no expense to Liberals. 

Stephen Maher, a "Robocall" hysteric, is one of those.  Presumably to coincide with the release of Trudeau's new autobiography, yesterday Maher enthused about a new book by Michael Harris smearing Stephen Harper "Party of One: Stephen Harper and Canada’s Radical Makeover":
... Michael Harris writes about the Harper- Finkelstein link...
... Harper is inspired by Republicans, a leader hostile to Canada’s system of parliamentary democracy, and in Party of One Harris meticulously traces what he sees as Harper’s attack on that system.
... Harris connects the dots between Harper and Finkelstein, who is nicknamed the “merchant of venom” because of his skill with attack ads....
In other words Harris' book is chock-a-block with paranoid anti-Harper venom.  Of course neither Harris nor Maher would mention that Trudeau's campaign is inspired (if not actively advised) by Barack Obama's crew and that Obama has actually vowed to "fundamentally transform America".

Maher does, however, bring up the Media Party's recent phony outrage over alleged Conservative copyright abuse:
... Harper has been fighting to make Canada safe for attack ads.  ... Last week, leaked cabinet documents showed that he wants to change copyright law to allow political parties to use news footage in attack ads.
You'd expect that Maher, as a journalist, would know full well that under copyright fair dealing provisions political parties have long been allowed to use news footage in political ads.  What Maher could also be reasonably expected to know, but fail to mention (naturally), is that the real scandal in this is that the heads of CBC, CTV, Global and CityTV "news" organizations had been secretly colluding (conspiring) to thwart those provisions by mutually agreeing (forming a cartel) not to run Conservative ads using their news clips.

This was all in a corrupt effort to protect Justin Trudeau from his own idiotic musings and, while they were at it, attempt to smear Harper.  This is, apparently, their idea of objectivity and ethics in the news business.  The up-side is that now those CBC, CTV, Global and CityTV "news" executives face criminal charges, big fines and even jail time for violating the Competition Act.

Conservatives use paid "attack" ads, as do all the other parties.  Liberals use the Media Party's attack newspapers and attack TV networks full time, at no expense to themselves.