Thursday, October 30, 2014

Disgusting! The Ottawa Citizen provides a platform to a convicted Islamist killer

Giving a convicted Islamist killer op-ed space in a newspaper is bad enough.  But doing it on the day of the funeral of a victim of Islamist terrorism is beyond the pale.  The editors of the Ottawa Citizen should hang their heads in shame.

I think Ezra had it right when he opined that the op-ed was actually drafted by the murderer's lawyers as propaganda in their lawsuit against the Canadian taxpayers.  That makes the Ottawa Citizen complicit in a law suit on behalf a convicted terrorist.  Even more disgusting!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trying to understand the liberal mindset

Ezra Levant explores "Why liberals downplay terrorism":
... Their first reflex is to deny that it’s terrorism at all ...
... The next liberal reflex is to deny that an attacker is Muslim.
... The third liberal reflex is to say a terrorist attack was just the act of a madman.
... The fourth liberal line of defence is to say the attacker is a lone wolf.

... That’s the liberal spin playbook: deny it’s terrorism, deny it’s Muslim, call it insanity, and finally call it a rogue act.

... But why? Why do liberals go to such lengths to revise the motives of terrorists, who are quite clear about their goals?  ... Why do liberals try to revise history, and whitewash the war against us?
Because ...
... liberals have abolished the ideas of good and evil as too judgmental. Terrorists? No, our enemies are actually victims themselves, you see. We are privileged. Society is to blame.
...Liberals cannot understand so much hate against us. So liberals sympathize. Liberals help find the answer. They join in. To justify the hate. 
In today's Van Sun there were more than a half dozen letters illustrating the liberal mindset.

And here's a doozy - a recent National Post article began with "It's been a tough week for Canadian Muslims" [h/t Blazing Cat Fur] [As an aside - the article referred to a mosque in Cold Lake that had been vandalized, to which my reaction was: "Cold Lake has a mosque?"]

Update (from the comments): Mark Steyn back in 2010 on "Crying Lone Wolf" and more recently with Breitbart on the same theme.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ghomeshi Spanks The CBC In Open Letter

Blazing Cat Fur updates us on the Weird BDSM Sex Feud between the CBC & Ghomeshi

And what's to be made of Justin's leer? Is that before or after?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Homegrown Brit jihadi dies in Kobani

A good argument for NOT withholding jihadi passports:
A 19-year-old former private school student has become the latest British-born jihadi to die fighting for ISIS in Syria. 

... the fourth fighter from the city of Portsmouth to be killed fighting for the terror group.

His family confirmed his death in a statement that said: "Mehdi was a loving boy with a good heart wishing to help Syrians...."

Hassan was also a prolific tweeter under his pseudonym Abu Dujana. In his last tweet before he died, he wrote:
"Between 20-40 us strikes daily in ayn al arab. Alhamdulillah they are spending $10's of billions...against themselves." 6:41 AM - 17 Oct 2014
Good riddance.

Liberals in denial

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Violent chaos in Ottawa follows Islamist attack in Quebec

Just two days after the deadly Islamist jihadi attack in Quebec comes a deadly attack in Ottawa.  It's yet to be determined who the shooter(s) are.  My bet is, of course, on the Islamists.  Standing by for more news (and more pacifist left/lib and "moderate" Muslim excuse making).

This horrible news is getting wall to wall coverage, even in the USA.

Update - Mark Steyn opines: