Monday, April 21, 2014

Another slow news day - so let's stoke the climate scare

Vancouver Sun, front page, above the fold:
VANCOUVER — British Columbia Environment Ministry staff have warned their minister that the province’s dreamed-of liquefied natural gas industry poses some big challenges with greenhouse gas emissions.
... Internal briefing notes prepared for Environment Minister Mary Polak ... single out methane emissions for concern.
... emissions remain a hurdle for the provinces, which has legislated targets for reductions. Legislation dictates that emissions are to be reduced by at least a third below 2007 levels by 2020. ...
 Okay, I know that politics demands that Ms Polak at least nod in the direction of the climate hysterics, but it's long past time to be realistic.

Even IF there's a chance that "warming" is a problem, and it's a mighty big IF, nothing that BC (or Canada) does to limit GHGs (even limiting them to absolute zero) will have any measurable effect on global climate.  The mere increase in China's annual emissions is enough to swamp Canada's (and 10 times BC's) entire annual output.  Then there's India.  Then there's the rest of the developing world.  Then ...

Polak's (or her eco-bureaucrats') apparent concerns are a drop in Canada's bucket and the world's ocean of emissions.   It is not worth the sacrifice of one BC job to pursue what are at best symbolic gestures towards avoiding that big, remote IF.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Suzuki calls for "a war on cars"

there is no war on cars — but there should be:
... We can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by cutting back on car use, choosing fuel-efficient vehicles, joining a car pool or sharing program and reducing speed. ...
Hands up, how many think that Suzuki would actually do any of that himself?

Now the Green Gestapo are coming after your meatballs

James Delingpole:
IKEA ... are considering changing the recipe of their most popular food line - meatballs - in order to help save the world from global warming:
... "On methane...we are aware of the meat issue with greenhouse gases. We are looking at all our food products from a sustainability perspective but specifically meatballs. They are very popular and they are also our most carbon-intensive food item on our menu."
... IKEA actually admits to allowing the kind of food it serves in its restaurants to be dictated not by the needs of its customers - who order 150 million plates of meatballs every year - but by activists from a hard-left environmental NGO like the World Wildlife Fund. That's not capitalism. That's not customer service. That's eco fascism.

... As Donna Laframboise has often noted, WWF activism is rife at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) too.
As evidence of warming wanes, the climate nuttery worsens.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Shocking new phenomenon: HuffPo admits global cooling

James Delingpole:
Scientists believe they have discovered a near-unprecedented phenomenon - rarer, more elusive and mysterious than even the God Particle: an article in The Huffington Post on the subject of the environment and climate change which doesn't once mention 'man-made global warming."...

... How can this possibly be?" asked Professor Otto Spengler of the University of East Anglia's Department of Environmentalist Bullshit Studies.  

... Professor Spengler and his team have been working through the night to try to analyse the phenomenon and have come up with two competing theories. 1. It's a terrible accident.... ,or 2. There has been an incredible, tectonic shift in HuffPo's understanding of the world. ...

"But we think the first explanation is more likely," added Prof Spengler. 

"The HuffPo - like the Guardian and the BBC - doesn't really do science because the readers find it upsetting.  ... [Predictably the HuffPo comment thread on its article is crammed with "deniers" - of global cooling, that is.]
Classic Delingpole (who, btw, is no longer with the Telegraph).

Elections Canada's "conflict of interest"

Senator Linda Frum in the Globe and Mail:
“Elections Canada should not have a vested interest in recording a high voter turnout. That’s a conflict.”

I tweeted those words last week. They set off a Twitter storm that may yet contribute to a better understanding of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government’s effort to enhance the integrity of Canada’s voting system with the implementation of Bill C-23.

... Elections Canada is a bureaucracy with two missions: to ensure the integrity of the voting process and also to promote voter turnout. Those two missions are contradictory. You want the biggest vote total? Accept every ballot. You want to eliminate voter fraud? Eliminating improper ballots may reduce vote totals.

... In the war of words over Bill C-23, opponents have hurled the ugly accusation that this government is engaged in voter suppression. The truth is quite the opposite: It is those who corrupt the voting process – and who ought to be the focus of Elections Canada enforcement – who suppress the valid votes of lawful voters.

Frum with with BrianLilley:

In defense of the Fair Elections Act

'Mainstream' media' pundits are nearly unanimous in their opposition to the Tory Fair Election Act.  Their obsessive, near hysterical attacks leave a strong impression of collusion. Ezra Levant and guest, Gerald Chipeur, offer some common sense rebuttal:

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ukraine - CF fighters deployed to Europe

Today PM Harper committed to the deployment of six F-18s to Europe in response to NATO's call for help.  This adds to similar deployments from the USA:
... The Americans have so far sent 18 F-15 and F-16 jets to the region, which risked getting embroiled in a wider conflict Thursday after Russian President Vladimir Putin won approval to use armed force in eastern Ukraine if necessary on the pretext of protecting ethnic Russians.
A step in the right direction, but still insufficient to deter Putin.